Our Culture

Our Culture

Cohesive. Inclusive. Dynamic.

Deploying Next-Gen Digital First solutions is only a given in today’s day and age. Our differentiator is that we create an ecosystem that enables Engagement, Innovation, Transformation and Value creation for all stakeholders through a model of Trust and Inspiration. Our ecosystem of highly motivated teams engages with our clients to create an exceptional service delivery model for their customers.

We understand the value of Employee Experience and the impact it makes on the delivery of Customer Experience.

Our Leadership team, with its deep understanding & execution expertise of the people Trust-Index broke the glass ceiling for BPO industry to enter the Great Place to Work, Best Place to Work & Best Employer rankings and also climbed to be among the top tier benchmark group for 10+ times across all business categories.

This led to the development of the 2 most powerful doctrines and their execution models

EX = CX Performance Doctrine

Employee Experience determines the Customer Experience

5 P's Culture Doctrine

People + Passion + Purpose + Pride = Peak Performance






People First

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    We take pride in being an Omnichannel Expert in managing our Internal Customers, Our Employees. Our communication channels ensure a real time flow of feedback and we live by the believe that Total Transparency is the only way to build TRUST.

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    Our leaders passionately spend most of their time with their teams helping them grow, working with them in finding innovative solutions and acknowledging their contribution which inspires them and makes them bring their highest level of commitment to every task and project they are executing. We are obsessive about our People and keep them in the centre of every business decision.

Learning & Development

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    We are a people company, people serving people both internal and external customers. Enablement & empowerment of our incredible people is the commitment of every leader across every function and level top down is to ensure every effort is made to support every team member is successful in their respective mission.

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    It is our people who engage with the customers through various channels and provide them the resolution they are looking for. We understand this requires a constant need to stay updated and we leverage our digital academy, industry best training processes and near real time feedback to provide the required skill evolution to our colleagues. We also understand the desire of our employees to grow in different areas & in their career and our Leadership Development programs help them in their aspirations.

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    Many of our clients have expressed their deep appreciation to our efforts in developing our team members as they see the value generation for their business and their customers. Above all, this Gen Z wants to continuously evolve their skills and we love to partner with them in this mission.